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If you done much crafting at all, I’m sure you have a lot of leftover odds and ends including pony beads. If you are like me, you’ve thrown them into a jar or box hoping to find something to do with them. (When I was much younger, I used them in my hair, but that’s a story for another time.)

Today we’re going to use some of those leftover beads to make a suncatcher.


Translucent or transparent pony beads (or at least most of the beads should be, some can be opaque, but we want the light to be able to shine through)

Small round cake pan or muffin tin (crafting dedicated, do not use the same one for food and crafting)

Ribbon, thin wire, or fishing line




Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  Arrange your beads in your desired pattern in a single layer in your muffin tin or cake pan. Place in oven to melt. Start checking at about 5 minutes but it may take 15 minutes or longer depending on the size of your pan. The melting is complete when you can no longer see the hole in the center of the beads.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely. Remove it from your form.  

Using a small drill bit, drill a hole for hanging your suncatcher. Threading hanging cord through the hole and knot at desired length.

These could also be used as a windchime, make one larger suncatcher and several small ones. Drill the holes to attach the smaller ones at the bottom of the larger one. Adjust the hanging cord so the smaller ones will touch each other to make a sound in the breeze.  Several of the small ones can be strung together to make the chime longer by drilling a hole in the top and bottom and tying them together.

Cookie cutters can also be used (again they need to be craft dedicated and metal only). Select your cutters (such as a Gingerbread man to make a Christmas ornament, or a flower to use as part of a necklace, or a heart to use as a suncatcher in your window). Place the cookie cutters on a foil lined pan and follow the same directions as before.

This craft would be great in school/team colors. Make one with your initial in opaque and fill in with the translucent. Or how about a jack-o-lantern made with orange opaque beads and yellow translucent beads for his eyes, nose, and mouth?  If you just think for a moment, there are so many ways to use this idea!

Happy Crafting!

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