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When most people think of something “really scary” their first thoughts go to ghosts, monsters, and witches … mine goes to spiders. Wait! Hear me out on this.

While I’ve never actually seen any of the other frightening things, I have seen more than what I consider my fair share of spiders.  And while they are small and helpful in insect control, they move like they are somehow broken and don’t even get me started on all those creepy legs.  

I don’t like spiders in the least, but as long as they stay in their webs and don’t go rogue we’ll both be fine. Anyway, today we’re going to make a large spider that may or may not go rogue.


2 plastic bowls (a larger one for the body and a smaller one for the head)

Paint (whatever color you want your spider)

Garbage bag (or fabric strips)

Assortment of plastic caps

Small piece of white craft foam


Wire or zip ties to connect the sections

Hanging cord


Paint the two bowls that will form your spider.  When completely dry add your desired decorations (spots, black widow red hourglass, etc.)

Drill or punch two holes on the side of each of the bowls, taking care to insure they will line up. Using a zip tie, string, or wire attach the “head” to the “body”.

Cut the garbage bag or fabric into 8 strips (or 4 strips twice the length you desire the legs to be). Attach the legs by gluing 4 to each side. (In the event you are using 4 long strips, fold in half to find the center and lay them flat with the center of each strip lined up. Add glue to the rim of your bowl and place it over the center of your strips. More glue may need to be added in insure a strong bond.)   These legs should be light enough to move in a breeze and give your spider a creepy feel.

Spiders can have eight eyes, too. Some have less. Mine has six, two large eyes in the center of his “face,” two slightly smaller (one on each side of the large eyes), followed by two even smaller eyes. Place glue around the edges of the bottom and press firmly to attach. (I used the tops off spice bottles for the large ones, the lids from pop bottles for the next set, and the lids from water bottles for the last eyes. Googly eyes would make a good substitute or just paint your eyes.) To complete the spider’s face, add a pair of white fangs cut from fun foam.

You will need to decide how you want your spider to hang. The hole for the hanging cord will need to be made in the body as close to the head as possible if you want him to hang facing forward, or in the side of the bowl opposite of the head if you want him to hang against a wall. Or don’t add a cord at all and just let him rest on a porch rail.

Creepy as he may be, I know this spider will make a cute addition to your Halloween yard.

Happy crafting!

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