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So, we’ve had to deal with another round of cold weather and snow — honest to goodness SNOW at the end of April—but when I look out the window it still looks like spring. I’m still crafting things of my garden and I invite you to join me.



Drip saucer (at least one size larger than the top of your flowerpot)

Eyes (table tennis balls, golf balls, anything round that can withstand rain that will be the proper size for your pot)


Paint brushes

Glue (E6000 will work best, but hot glue will help it set faster)


Turn the saucer over and paint the outside dark green, or whatever color you want your lily pad to be. Set aside to dry.

Using a lighter shade of green (or again whatever color you desire for your toad) paint the outside of the flower pot, including the bottom. Allow to dry.

Depending on your paint and choice of colors you may need to apply more than one coat.

If the eyes you are using are white, simply paint a black pupil and add a white dot. If the ball for the eye is a different color, you may want to paint it white before adding any details.

When the paint on everything is completely dry, glue the eyes in place on the top (the actual bottom of the flowerpot) of the frog.

You may want to add legs to your frog, paint the outline on the flowerpot with a darker color and add the feet/hands on the saucer with the lighter paint that matches the frog. A lighter shade still can be used to paint on a tummy, and don’t forget to add a big smile. (I even added pink cheeks)

If you wish to glue the frog to the lily pad, you will probably want to add a piece of craft foam to the inside to cover the drainage hole or drill a hole through the saucer to prevent rainwater from pooling inside the frog.

I have to confess my frog is made a little different.  I bought the wrong size saucer (learn from my mistakes) so I had to use a very small flower pot, that meant my eyes were the wrong size. I used painted gems, if I’d had marbles they would have been perfect. But it just goes to show you, if you have a basic idea, you can make it work with what you have. Happy Crafting!

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