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Everyone knows there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, ours for the finding. So far, I don’t personally know anyone that’s found it, but legend says you can also get the pot of gold by catching a Leprechaun. I don’t know anyone that’s gotten the gold that way either, but at least the traps are cute for St. Patrick’s Day decorations.


Cardboard tube, small box, can, or jar for the body of the trap

Decorations for the trap (paint, paper, markers, glitter)

Toothpicks or skewers (something round that will reach across the opening to be the pivot in your trap)

Cardboard or cardstock



Bait (more about this later)


The most important part of the trap is the swinging top that will drop the Leprechaun into our tube or box. To make it you will need to cut two circles from cardstock that will fit inside the opening of your trap (I used a chip canister to build my trap and to make the circle I used the original lid with the outer edge trimmed away). Glue the toothpicks or skewer in the middle of one circle leaving the ends out to attach to the sides of the trap, don’t worry if they are too long, they can be trimmed after the trap is built. Glue the remaining circle sandwiching the toothpicks in the middle. The trap lid is then placed over the opening in the trap and secured by gluing on decorative touches that hide the toothpicks, be sure to only glue close to the end of the toothpick but not the toothpick itself or the trap door will not turn properly.

That is the basic trap, now it’s time to decorate. As I said earlier, my trap was made with a chip container. I used cardstock to try to make it look like a pot of gold, first I cut 2 strips of cardstock the height of the can and glued one side together (about 2 inches). With the can placed between the two sheets of cardstock, I pulled it snuggly around the can and glued it on the other side (matching the same 2 inches). Then the glued areas of the cardstock were trimmed and rounded to give it the appearance of a pot of gold. I cut two circles of cardstock slightly larger than the container opening to make the top lip of the pot and cut the centers out to make the opening to add the trap door. I glued one of the rings to the top of the canister, placed the toothpicks from the trap door across, and glued on the other ring making sure not to get glue on the toothpicks.  A strip of green paper cut with a spiky shape was glued to the bottom to be grass.  

The trap can be made with nearly any container and the sky is the limit as to how you decorate. A paper towel tube colored as a rainbow would be cute.  A box decorated with shamrocks (perhaps like the ones we made last week?) and a ladder made from craft sticks, adorable. Even a drinking glass, or flower vase, with scrapbooking paper wrapped around it would be wonderful. As long as you make the trap door properly, nearly anything can be made into a Leprechaun trap (I hear it may also work for fairies, but, again, I’ve not personally met anyone that has caught one)

Now to bait the trap. Gold, of course would be a good choice, or maybe just pebbles painted gold, but I think popcorn, candy, or that magically delicious cereal would work, too. The only thing to remember is to balance the weight of the bait so the trap lid stays flat.

If you happen to catch a Leprechaun and he gives you the pot of gold and you want to share, get in touch with the paper, they’ll know where to find me. Until then, Happy Crafting!

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