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Ready for little things that go bump in the night? We’ve spent time making things and decorating our homes and lawns, and now Halloween is almost here. A lot of us are going to do the trick-or-treat thing and the CDC has given us guidelines to make it as safe as possible during the pandemic.  

One of the first suggestions was no face-to-face candy exchange, today we’re going to make a candy pickup station that will help with that.


Plastic trick-or-treat buckets (the number will depend on the height you want)

Large plastic bowl or tray

Spray paint

Glue (E6000 works best)

Dowel rod or broom handle

Scrap plywood for base

There are very few steps to this easy to do craft, and most of the crafting time will be waiting for the paint to dry.


Stack your pumpkins or other trick-or-treat buckets. I wanted to be able to take mine apart for storage so I enlarged the holes in the bottom and put a dowel through them, attaching plywood at the bottom to form a base to keep it from tipping. The pumpkins can also be glued together, E6000 will form a more permanent bond, but hot glue will work, and if you are in a hurry but want the permanent bond use both, place E6000 along the tops of the pumpkins leaving gaps to apply the hot glue. The hot glue will hold the pumpkins together while the E6000 dries.

Attach the bowl or tray in the same fashion. If you want to be able to disassemble the stack, find a bowl that will fit snuggly inside the opening of the pumpkin and leave unglued.

Spray paint the entire stack. You may want to cover the inside of the bowl with newspaper to keep it from being painted or turn the bowl over and paint the outside before gluing it on. You may decide to keep your pumpkins as is, but some of mine were nearly 20 years old and had been used as pool and sandbox toys so they needed a little attention.  

Now place your stand and your candy where your little Halloween visitors can find it.

If you don’t feel comfortable with trick-or-treating during the pandemic you may want to make one of these to use on your porch to hold a mum. Follow all the same steps but leave the top off, place the flowerpot inside the top bucket and when Halloween is over turn the jack-o-lantern faces toward the wall and you’ve got a jumpstart on your Thanksgiving decorations.

Happy crafting!

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