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No matter who we are and what we’ve been doing, we have to admit this has been one long strange year — how have we even fit in this many extra months between March and November?  

Yes, life has been disrupted, but many of us have used this time to focus on the important things like the people we love and the comfort of home and good neighbors that become family. I’ve been trying to think of a craft to spread a little holiday cheer to the people I care about without risking the health of anyone, and I think I’ve found it.

I’m going to make these and leave them on the porches or doorsteps of my special people. After a year like we’ve ha,d I think it would be nice if we flooded the area with, if not this craft, at least kindness.


Jars (this is the perfect time to upcycle all those salsa and peanut butter jars because you can use any size)

Paper (plain white and printed scrapbooking paper)


Glue stick

Paint (if you want to paint the lid)

A section of cardboard tube if you want to add a top hat

Candy or small gift


Wash and dry your selected jar. Paint the lid if desired and set aside to dry.  

Measure the height and length of white paper you will need to cover your jar by wrapping the paper around and marking it. Cut the paper, roll it into a tube, and slip it inside the jar. Use your fingers or the eraser end of a pencil to smooth it to fill the area inside the jar.

Cut the eyes, nose, and mouth pieces from construction or scrapbooking paper. Glue to the outside of the jar. Cut a strip of paper long enough to go around your jar and two shorter strips the same width (the width will depend on the size of your jar and personal preference concerning the scarf size). Cut fringes on one end of each of the shorter sections. Glue the longer strip around the jar, add the two shorter pieces hanging down to form the snowman’s scarf.

If you want to add a top hat, cut the cardboard tube to the proper length and paint it to match your lid. Glue the tube to the center of the lid. You may wish to add a hatband around it to match the scarf.

Fill with candy and a note and leave it for you friend.

I think this would also be cute if instead of paper inside we filled it with a bath soak (Epsom Salt with essential oils added). In this instance you may want to paint the facial features on your jar and add a fabric scarf tied around the jar. This would be a wonderful thank you to all our overworked essential workers.

And if you don’t have enough jars, use a can. It can even have a handle added by using a nail to punch a couple holes and using twine or wire to hang it over your neighbor’s doorknob.

Have a safe, healthy, happy Thanksgiving. And as always, happy crafting!

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