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A very long time ago, while I was in college, I went to an area restaurant where the pizza was served on a cake stand, and by candlelight no less. As a “worldly” 19-year-old, I thought it was the height of class and sophistication, and to be honest I still think it adds something to the table or buffet when the food is displayed at different levels.

Today we’re going to do a craft or two to make our New Year’s table a little “fancy.” After surviving 2020, I want to ring in 2021 in the nicest way possible, for me that will be celebrating about 10 p.m. with a glass of pop and a cheeseball but that cheeseball will be displayed beautifully!


Glass candle holders

Plates, trays, cakepans, or bowls

Glue (both hot glue and E6000)


Wash and dry the candle holders and the plates or trays you wish to use.  

Decide what you are wanting to build. A cake plate or other single tier display will only require a plate (or bowl) and the candle holder. A multi-tiered dessert try will require a plate for each layer (usually progressively smaller) and at least one holder between the layers but you will need two if you desire more space.

All of these stands follow the same general directions; Glue a plate, tray, or bowl atop the candle holder. Add the E6000 around the top of the candle holder leaving a small area unglued on each side. Add hot glue to the areas not covered by the E6000, the E6000 will form a more solid, permanent bond but the hot glue will help hold it in place and keep it from slipping while it is drying.

To add additional layers, glue the bottom of the candle holder to the center of the plate and to the bottom of the next plate using hot glue and E6000. If you need/want more space between tiers, two of the candle holders can be glued together by gluing the two tops together leaving the bottoms to be glued to the plates, bowls, or trays.

I have even made “wine glasses” by gluing a jar on top of a candle holder, all glued the same way using both types of glue. Maybe I’ll make a set now and have a special toast wishing us all a better upcoming year.

Wishing you a 2021 filled with health, happiness and a lot of good crafting!

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