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I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, I didn’t realize how many rolls of paper towels and toilet paper we go through until this pandemic and the resulting “shortage” of these products.  

But now I do have a nice stockpile of cardboard tubes for crafting. Gather up the family and a few common crafting supplies and in no time at all you’ll have enough decorations to fill the tree, or your windows, or to send to every one of your shut-in neighbors. (I personally would love to receive a handcrafted Christmas ornament or gift.)

Snowflake supplies:

Cardboard tubes

White paint

Glue (hot glue and school glue or Mod Podge)




Cut your tubes into rounds from 1/4 to 3/4 inch wide. Cut nine rings all the same width, pinch the opposite sides of the circles to form a leaf shape.

For the bottom layer of your snowflake, glue sides of two rounds together close to one of the pointed tips. Repeat for two more sets. Join the three sections together by gluing them in the same way. Paint inside and out and set aside to dry.

Top layer. Space out the remaining three rings and glue just the tips together. (You may have to lay the top section onto the bottom to get the spacing correct. You will want the rings on top to fall over the joining sections of the bottom and be offset instead of lined up.) Paint white inside and out and allow to dry, it shouldn’t take long.

Attach the top section to the bottom section by gluing the centers together, remembering to space the rounds in a pleasing way. Brush on school glue or Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter. Add hanging ribbon.

Poinsettia supplies:

Cardboard tube

Red paint


Yellow center (small pom-poms, beads, or yellow puff paint)

Green cardstock (or cardstock and green paint)



The poinsettia is made in very much the same way as the snowflake.  The rings will be cut and shaped in the same way, but you will only need five rings. (If you want to make a fuller poinsettia, make two layers of five, gluing them together in an offset fashion.)  

Glue the five rings together and paint red. When dry glue the yellow beads or pom-poms to the center. If using paint, you will want to add a small circle of cardstock to the center.

Cut leaves from the green cardstock and glue to the back of the poinsettia. If you want to keep the more open/lacey look to your poinsettia, trim the leaves to only the portion that will be outside your flower and carefully glue it to just the outer edges.

Attach the hanging ribbon.

Happy crafting!

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