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Last week I promised we’d make something to use the rest of our clothes pins, and here we are. We’re going to make a wishing well and doesn’t everyone have a wish they’d like to make? This little well could be used to store jewelry or other small items and it would make an adorable addition to a fairy garden.


Wooden part of clothes pins

Small jar (such as baby food or salsa jar. I used one that held bouillon cubes)


Paint to decorate

Rubber band


Wash and dry your jar.  Place the rubber band around your jar and start sliding your clothes pins under it.  The rubber band will hold the clothes pins in place so you can see how many you will need to cover your jar, and if you are not using hot glue the rubber band will hold the clothes pins in place as the glue dries.  Glue the wooden pins to the jar.

When the glue is set, add a clothes pin piece to each side of your well.  The piece will be glued to the inside of the jar and will be come the side supports for the well roof.  Add another piece across the top.

Glue enough clothes pins together to cover the length of the cross bar of the well. (If you are not using hot glue, allow the section to lie flat until dry) The pins will be glued together and added to the roof as a single piece.  After both sides are completed, glue the sections together to form a peak shape. (If using school glue shape the peak, turn the pieces on their sides and use tape to hold the ends together at the proper angle until dry.)  Attach the roof to the top.

Paint and decorate as desired.  If you want to use the wishing well in your fairy garden, seal it with Mod Podge and remember to not leave standing water in the jar.

Keep making wishes, stay safe, and happy crafting.

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