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Santa Key

Hasn’t every child questioned how Santa visits houses without a chimney? And if you happened to be one of those children without a fireplace, admit it you worried a little every Christmas. I’ve found the answer to the problem, a Santa Key! A magical key that will allow Saint Nick to visit your home without going down the chimney. Gather the kids, we’re going to need their magic to help Santa, and let’s make some keys.


An old key (I shouldn’t have to say this, but I am forced to, please don’t leave your real door key outside)

Thin corrugated cardboard (the thickness of the key)

Paint or nail polish

Glue stick

Scrapbooking paper

Stickers, gems, glitter, whatever you want to decorate with

Clear nail polish or Mod Podge



Possibly tape


Lay your key on the cardboard, trace around the top of the key. Around the traced key, design the shape you want for the top of your Santa Key. (I traced around a small paint bottle to make the top and then moved them out for the sides and just connected them all with an outline) Don’t forget to make a hole to string a hanging cord/ribbon through.

Cut your shape from the cardboard, including the opening for the key top. Trace the outer line of your cardboard design onto scrapbooking paper. Cut two of the shapes from scrapbooking paper, do not cut the center key opening from the paper the way you did the cardboard. The two outer papers will be solid.

Fit the top of the key into the opening you made in the cardboard, it should fit snuggly, if not use tape on both sides to hold it in place. Using the glue stick, glue the paper to the top of your Santa Key.

Now it is time to decorate your key. Color the metal part of the key with paint or nail polish, you may also want to paint around the corrugated cardboard edges to give it a more finished look.  Let your imagination run free, use stickers, glitter, markers, whatever you like to make your key beautiful. You make want to cover the paper top with clear nail polish when you’re through, it will make it better suited to be outside and give it a pretty shine.

Add a ribbon to hang it by and get ready to leave it for Santa. I’m also adding a note with mine. If you want to add one, too, add your message to Christmas paper or cardstock you’ve decorated and hang it near your key. Mine is going to say “This is a special key. Its magic doesn’t work for you or me. Santa is who it’s for. So, he can open our front door.” But something as simple as “Merry Christmas, Santa! Love, Freddie and Harriet,” would work, too.

Happy crafting!

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