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I have to admit, when I see mushrooms growing near my home I know that my lawn is staying too wet and I’m not happy about it. But fairy gardens need mushrooms, so I’ve decided to place some around the yard. These crafts will be easy and so fast you can fill your entire lawn in a single afternoon. (Much like real mushrooms. How do they pop up so quickly?)

Flowerpot mushroom



Dowel or branch section to use for stem.

Plywood or wood slice to use for base.

Screws and/or E6000 glue



Decide the height you want your mushroom and cut the stem (dowel or branch) to that length. Attach the base to the bottom by running a screw up through the wooden section and into the bottom of the stem. If you are using a shorter stem and a light-weight flowerpot you can glue the base and stem together with E6000.  Paint the flowerpot and allow to dry completely. Add the flowerpot as the mushroom cap by placing it over the stem. The weight of the flowerpot may hold it in place, but if you are worried about wind or pets and especially if the branch stem is curved, glue it in place with E6000.  (If you do not want to add the base, the stem can be pushed directly into the ground.)

Bundt pan mushroom


Bunt pan

PVC plumbing pipe large enough for the center of the cake pan to fit inside.

E6000 glue



Cut the PVC to the desired height.  Paint the PVC stem and the cakepan mushroom cap (spray paint will work best, make sure the pieces are clean before painting).   Invert the bunt pan and place the center inside the PVC pipe.  The top may be glued in place with E6000.  If you are concerned the mushroom will tip over a tent peg or small spike can be hammered into the ground and the PVC pipe placed over it.

‘Crystal’ glowing mushrooms


Clear plastic bowl (glass can be used too)

Large opening clear vase or jar

Solar light



Push the spike of the solar light into the ground where you want the mushroom.  Invert the jar or vase over the solar light.  Turn the bowl upside down to form the mushroom cap, glue in place.  Make sure the solar collector is near the top of the jar/vase.  Sunlight will go through both layers of glass and plastic, and at night the mushroom will glow.  Perfect for a magical fairy garden.

Happy crafting!

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