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This week I happened to look out my kitchen window and noticed a few unexpected snow flurries, I wasn’t thrilled. Don’t get me wrong, snow is beautiful, and our white Christmas was magical but since I’ve been old enough to not be excited by a snow day off from school, I haven’t particularly been a fan of the cold, wet stuff.

But it made me think of a friend (I have several it seems) that loves snow, and she is in the hospital right now battling COVID-19 and I thought I’d like to send her some snow to cheer her up. Let’s make it snow.

Basic paper snowflakes:





Cut your paper into a perfect square.

Fold the paper in half diagonally to create a triangle.

Fold the triangle in half again diagonally to create a smaller triangle.

Fold this triangle into thirds, one flap to the front, one flap to the back to create a thin triangle.  Trim the points from this triangle to make everything even again.

Cut patterns and designs from the edges of the triangle.

Unfold the paper to see your snowflake.

3-D snowflakes:




Tape or glue dots

Fishing line or white thread to hang


Since these snowflakes can be made any size, the only thing to remember about sizing your paper is you need to have the length about twice the width.  

Start by accordion-folding along the shorter side of your paper.  Your folds should be about ¾-1-inch in width.  (If you do not know what accordion-folds are, it’s like the paper fans we made in elementary school.  Fold the end back by the desired width, flip the paper and fold it the other way, keep repeating until the paper is completely folded) Try to keep your folds and edges even. When you reach the end, trim away the last fold if it doesn’t match up perfectly.

Gently fold the paper to find the center, crease to mark. While holding the folded center, press together the fanned out top and trim away any unevenness. Open the centerfold and lay the paper flat on its side, keeping the accordion-folds neatly stacked. Cut a symmetrical pattern on each side of the centerfold.  Make sure you match the cuts on each side as exactly as possible so you will have a cohesive pattern once the snowflake is opened. (Cutting out larger patterns will leave more negative space and make your finished snowflake look better)

Gently pull the top layer of each side towards each other. Where the meet, use tape or a glue dot to fasten them together. Repeat with the other side. Your snowflake may want to form a cone or dome, use your fingers to gently push everything back in place. (This part can be a little tricky, but after a little practice it gets much easier)

Add your hanging string.

I’d like to send my friend, Renna, and everyone else that needs it, a blizzard of paper snowflakes and get well wishes. Happy crafting!

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