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I’m ready to do a little decorating for Autumn, but it may be a little too early to put out the Halloween decorations … at least that’s what my husband says every time I ask him to get them from the garage. I wanted something to welcome the new season, so I thought of acorns and colorful fall leaves.

Let’s make an acorn or two.


Plastic Easter egg (or Styrofoam egg shape)


Jute twine



Paint the top part (the pointed end) of your egg. I would suggest brown or metallic but use any color you like. Who are we to judge how funky you want to get with your acorns?

Beginning at the top of the rounded end, make a hanging loop with your twine and glue firmly in place. Hot glue works best on the plastic egg but will melt the Styrofoam shape. If you are using the Styrofoam use tacky glue and place a pin in the beginning loop to hold it in place until the glue dries. Start wrapping and gluing the twine to cover the section of egg, forming the acorn cap. Pins may have to be added to keep the twine from sliding if using tacky glue.

Cut large oak and other leaves from felt, craft foam, or scrapbook paper to use with your acorns.  

The leaves and acorns can be added to a wreath form. They can be hung by ribbon on your front door or in a window. The acorns could be hung between lights from the porch rails. They would look equally lovely just displayed in a bowl or as part of a centerpiece. One could get really creative and have a squirrel scavenger hunt, fill the plastic eggs with candy and small trinkets like an Easter egg hunt, but give squirrel related hints to find them, for example this squirrel hid his acorns near something orange, or this squirrel hid his acorns where the cat enjoys her afternoon nap.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy making these acorns, they are fun and fast to make and they are really quite charming.

Stay healthy, enjoy the change in seasons, and happy crafting.

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