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I had originally thought this would just be a cute craft for Easter to use some of the leftover plastic eggs, but after I finished it, I decided it would be adorable with my fairy garden.

So, whether you just want to use up all those eggs that have somehow taken up residence in your home or you want to add a pop of color to your garden, let’s make some flowers. Gather up the family, these are so easy even the very young family members can make them and so cute everyone is going to want to make their own.


Plastic Easter eggs

Glue (you may need to use something like E6000 if you are putting these in the garden)

Stem (Paint stirrer, dowel, or chopsticks)


Small piece of plastic or cardboard


Select the colors for your flower petals and center. You will need five eggs for the petals and half of an egg for the center.

Cut your backing material, I used a plastic deli lid because I want to use mine outside but if you want to use yours as an indoor Easter decoration you can use cardboard.

Place them with the pointier end toward the center and the rounded end out. They will not meet in the center. Glue the eggs/petals to the backing and then add a little glue between the eggs where the make contact with each other, this will make it a little more sturdy. After the flower has set, glue the half egg in the center over the edge of the eggs, covering the hole.

Trim away any of the backing that can be seen from the front.

Glue your stem to the back. (The stick you decide to use can be painted and/or have leaves added.)

Feel free to decorate your flower if you would like. You can’t go wrong with a little glitter or some polka dots as far as I’m concerned.  

I think these flowers would also be cute in a child’s room, instead of a stem add a ribbon to the back for hanging. And I have to admit, googly eyes, a pom pom nose, and a big painted smile would be a magical addition to the flowers. One could even decorate a small flowerpot or vase to match the flowers you’ve created.

Have a wonderful Easter and Happy Crafting!

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