It’s hard to think about snow when it is this warm in November, and I may be jumping the gun just a bit, but I have friends that are decorating for Christmas even as you read this. With 2020 being what it has been, I’m not going to begrudge anyone anything that adds to their happiness. Bring on the holidays!

We’re going to make snowflakes, and it has snowed on Thanksgiving before so we’re not cutting it out completely. This craft is fast, cheap, and beautiful. … I know I say that about a lot of crafts, but you really can’t get much easier or inexpensive than this one. After the world gets back to “normal,” this craft will be perfect to do with a Scout troop or a class full of children.


Clothes pin (the pinch type)


Ribbon or string

Optional supplies:




Disassemble eight clothes pins, you will not need the metal springs for this project.

Glue the clothes pin pieces in pairs with the flat backs touching, you will end up with eight “arms” for your snowflake. Your ribbon can be added at this time by sandwiching it between one of the pairs of clothes pins while you are gluing them together, or it can be glued on one of the points when your snowflake is completed.

Glue four of these together at one end, one pointing up, one pointing down, and one to each side.  

Add the four remaining sections to the open areas in the original shape, between the “arms.”

Now you can decide if you want to decorate your snowflake or leave it as is, the plain wood gives it a hand-carved feel. Glitter can be added to the painted or natural snowflake by brushing on school glue or Mod Podge or the glitter can be added to the Mod Podge before it is brushed on.  

I painted mine white with spray paint to give it a little more shine and added Epsom Salt because I didn’t have any glitter.

Happy crafting!

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