Nothing says summer more than bright pink flamingos on the front lawn, but now it’s almost Halloween and we need a spookier look. And admit it, those flamingos are no longer that pretty pink, are they?

Today we’re going to repurpose those faded birds into vultures and skeletons.  

Supplies for the vulture:

Plastic lawn flamingo

Black paint (spray paint works best but craft paint will work)

Pink or plum paint

Yellow paint if you need to touch up the beak or eyes

Feather boa or something for the ruff around the base of the neck

Painters tape and newspaper

Glue (E6000 will work best)


This craft is fast and easy but has a big impact.  If using spray paint, use the tape and newspaper to cover the head and neck of the flamingo.  Paint body black, you may need more than one coat for full coverage.  

When the body is dry, remove the newspaper and tape and paint the neck and head a pink or plum color.  Touch up the beak or eyes with yellow if needed.  

When completely dry, glue the feather boa around the base of the neck.  (I wanted mine outside and didn’t want feathers to be ruined in the rain.  I used a thin piece of packing foam wrap and made small cuts around it to make a fringe.  You could also use white plastic bags, craft foam, yarn, or fabric)

The skeleton is even quicker and with less supplies.

Supplies for the flamingo skeleton:

Plastic lawn flamingo

Black paint

White paint

Medium foam paint brush


Paint the entire flamingo black.  

When it is completely dry, use the foam brush to paint of the bones. The beak and head should be all white, leaving a black area for the eye sockets. Continue down the length of the neck and along the back making the vertebrae. Where the body begins there should be a larger bone (like the side of the wishbone) and “bones” to mark where the wings should be.  The wings are probably already raised on the side of your flamingo, use them to help you decide where to put the bones.

Happy crafting!

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