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Valentine's craft

Valentine’s Day isn’t until Sunday, so we still have enough time to craft a small token or two of affection.  I’m going to show you a couple of crafts you can make with very limited supplies and even less time.

First, we’re going to make a paper heart so we can send a love note to our sweetie or a thinking of you message to our neighbor that’s been stuck at home as long as we have.

Paper heart supplies:

Paper (scrapbooking, construction, or even book pages or newsprint)

Paper clip




After you’ve selected your paper, it will need to be cut to a rectangle with the length being twice the width, my paper is 9 X 4 1/2.  Round the corners of both ends.

Folding along the length of the paper, accordion-fold the entire rectangle.

Find the center of the paper and fold in have as you would to make a paper fan, the rounded edges will cause the fan to have a heart-shape.  (If you are not pleased with the resulting heart, open the folded paper and trim more from the rounded edges.)

Match up the folds where the heart joins together and slide a paper clip over the edges to hold it in place.

If you want to write a message on your heart, do so before folding or open it, write the message, and re-fold it along the creases.

If you want to use your hearts as decorations and don’t expect to unfold them, glue stick may be used to close the ends instead of the paper clip.

The other craft we’re making today is a small handwarmer. 

Handwarmer supplies:



Needle and thread or sewing machine



Cut two small matching heart-shapes from the felt. (About the size of your palm) Sew the two sides together leaving a small gap for filling. Fill the heart with flaxseed and stitch closed. To use the handwarmers, microwave for 30-second time increments until they are warm and then place them in coat pockets to keep your hands warm.

These would also make wonderful sachets for your drawers, simply replace the flaxseed with a little poly-fill and add your favorite scent with either perfume or essential oils. (If you are not warming them in the microwave, they can be glued together instead of sewing.)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Craft with someone you love.

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