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It’s almost here! The decorating is finished, and we haven’t started cooking yet, so that leaves us with a little bit of time to do a few quick crafts. This craft is fast and very inexpensive to make, I know I say that nearly every time, but that’s my favorite type of craft — fast, frugal and fabulous. Let’s go!


Flowerpots (I used the tiny ones from the store where everything is a dollar, 3/$1 actually)

Crafting scraps (felt, glitter, yarn, cardstock or craft foam)

Paint (the colors will depend on what helper you are planning to make)




Decide what you want your little Christmas helper to be, I’m going to make an elf and a reindeer today, but a little imagination can lead you anywhere…

Paint the flowerpot with whatever color you want your helper to be. Allow to fully dry.

Add a face.  For my elf I painted eyes, nose, mouth, and freckles. For my reindeer I painted eyes and a nose. Googly eyes and a pom-pom for the nose would also work well.

To finish the reindeer, I cut antlers from craft foam and glued them to the inside front rim of the flowerpot.

You could also add a little tuft of hair between the antlers and a bow, either as a bowtie or a hair ribbon.  

To complete the elf, I used cardstock to add pointy ears to the side of his head. I used scraps of felt to make him a hat by cutting a triangular shape that was long and very tapered at the end.  I also made him a collar by cutting points from a strip of felt. Your elf could easily be made into a girl by adding yarn braids on each side of her head near her ears.  

I think these little helpers would be great to give a gift in, such as money or candy, or as the gift by themselves. Next year, when it’s safer, I think they would be very cute to make and donate to a long-term care facility as a tray favor with a little candy. They can be made from any size flowerpot if you’d like a larger one to hold a candle on your porch or even to cover the base of your tree.

What other ideas do we have? Paint the flowerpot white and use black puff paint for the eyes and orange for the nose, add a strip of felt for the scarf and we’ve got a snowman.  Paint your flowerpot with a flesh tone and add a little lace around the “neck” and shape gold pipe cleaner into a halo and glue it into the top rim like did with the reindeer antlers except this time it will be glued to the back, and now we have a pretty angel.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and happy crafting!

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