Your time is up … well, almost. We’ve been crafting for Halloween for the last five weeks and by now our decorations should be amazing, but we’ve still got a little bit of time to add a little something.  

I’m thinking bats and monster eyes.  I think we all should have nearly everything on hand to make these last-minute crafts, they come together very quickly, and children will love making them.  These decorations add a big impact to your decorating, they will be the finishing touch you didn’t even know you were missing.



Black or brown construction paper, cardstock, felt, and/or craft foam

Pinch type clothes pins


Black thread



Draw a general bat shape on your paper, felt, or foam. (If making several you may want to make a pattern on a separate piece of paper.  The easiest way to make the bat symmetrical is to fold the paper in half and cut out one wing and half the body, unfold paper) Cut the shape out.

If using cardstock or construction paper, you may want to add a little “movement” to the bat’s wings by folding it.  Fold from each bottom point to the center of the wing top.

The bats can be glued to a clothes pin and then clipped to something such as a tree branch.

Using a needle, black thread can be added to allow the bats to dangle from a porch or tree.  (If you want to make this more kid friendly, just glue the looped and knotted thread to the back)

The bats can also just be taped to a surface.

Monster eyes


Cardboard tubes from paper towel or toilet paper


Scissors or craft knife



Cut eyeholes in the side of a cardboard tube.  If you want your monster eyes to have something like a swirl or snake-eye in the center cut the basic circle or almond eye shape, cut the additional shape from paper or cardstock and tape it to the tube, it won’t be seen later.

Place your glowstick inside, if it doesn’t illuminate enough of the eyehole, tape it more in the center of the openings.  

Place the tubes under steps or porches, in trees or bushes, or peeking through dark windows.  When it’s dark outside the tubes will not show, all your guests will see is spooky glowing eyes peering out at them from the dark.

If you don’t happen to have a cardboard tube, you can substitute a plastic bottle.  Paint everything dark except the eyes.  You can even fill the bottles with water after you add the glowstick and it will shine even brighter.

Happy crafting and Happy Halloween!

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