Kids are officially finished with the school year now and the dreaded “I’m bored” has started.  But who can blame them?  No pool, no vacation, no baseball, and no hanging out with friends yet.  And kids don’t even have the luxury of online shopping like adults, but that shopping has given us a lot of boxes. Don’t throw them away, we’re going to be doing several crafts with them in the upcoming weeks. Today we’re going to make a kid-sized cornhole game that can be used indoors or out.


Boxes (2 of the same size if making an actual set, but you can make a single 1 if you’d like)

Tape (packing tape, duct tape, or wide masking tape)


Fabric and sewing supplies

Dried beans or popcorn

Markers, crayons, paint


Decide the height of your cornhole board and cut the box down to this size. (I used a box that was the height I wanted and only had to cut the angles on the side)  Cut along the seams of the box on three sides the side of the box you are using as the top deck of your board. Decide the angle (slant) you want to use and cut the sides of the box leaving an area in the front to hold your top up. Fold the top down to meet the sides and front plate, tape the newly formed seams together.  Trace a circle onto the deck slightly above the center or the board and cut out with a boxcutter.

Let the kids decorate their new game. It can be spray-painted, colored with markers or crayons, or left as is. (I left mine because I think the dogs on the puppy training pads box are cute.) It can also be covered with the same duct tape you formed the edges with, there are many colors and designs out there. The entire box can also be covered with the clear packing tape after it is decorated to protect the artwork and give the board a slicker finish to help in game play.

You will also need the beanbags to play the game. Cut the fabric into 2 squares for each beanbag, large enough for your child to hold and small enough to easily fit into the circle cut in the game board.

Stitch on three sides, either by hand or with a sewing machine, the squares together with the right side of the fabric facing each other, turn right side out and fill with dry beans, popcorn, or rice. Sew the last side closed.

If you’ve never played cornhole, it’s a lot like pitching horseshoes. You stand back and try to get the beanbag into the hole.  Sounds simple, but it can be more of a challenge that you expect.

Have fun, stay healthy, and happy crafting!

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