Crafting and playing games are excellent ways to keep your family entertained while keeping your social distance. Crafting a game, or two, is even better.


Rectangular shaped box


Hot glue

Scissors and possibly a craft knife

A ball or marble depending on the size of your box

Decorations of your choice


Stand your box up with the shorter sides as the top and bottom, remove any flaps to make the front open. If your box does not easily stand on its own, add a cardboard base to make it more stable.  Cut openings at the top large enough to drop your selected ball through.

Cut sections of cardboard to make ledges inside the box, making sure that there are opening between the ledges large enough to accommodate your ball.  

Glue the cardboard sections to the back of the inside of your box, some can be glued straight across and others can be glued at a slant. Arrange the ledges however you desire, but you must make sure there is a way for the ball to drop through. If you are putting the pieces at an angle make sure the slant leads to an opening.

Decorate with markers and paint if desired.

To play the game drop the ball(s) through the top and try to predict which path they follow. Or drop several and race them through the maze.

A handheld game following the same idea can be easily made.


Zip top plastic bag

Cardboard or foamboard cut to fit snuggly inside the plastic bag






Cut varying lengths of straw.  Glue the sections in a random pattern of the cardboard, making sure to leave openings for the marble in the same fashion you did in the other game.  Place the cardboard and marble into the plastic bag and seal the top.  

To play the game shake and turn the bag to move the marble along a path from top to bottom and then flip it over and go the other direction.

Have fun, enjoy your free time, and happy crafting!

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