No one has been to school, Sunday school, or daycare for a while, so there are no cute Mother’s Day crafts coming in this year. Soon we will be a little more able to shop for craft supplies, but I think this wall hanging made from cardboard is cute enough to please any mom, mama or nana.



Paper towel or toilet paper rolls





Cut a strip of cardboard 1-inch wide and the length to make the size outer ring you desire (or you could repurpose an old embroidery hoop). Shape your strip into a circle and glue the ends together.  Cut your paper tubes into 1-inch wide sections, gentle pinch into oval shapes, these will become your leaves around the edges.

For the center section, trace the inside of your circle onto cardboard. Using that as your guide, draw a letter or other shape to fill the area (the edges will need to touch your traced circle in at least a couple points). 

Cut out your shape and glue it to the inside of your circle at the places it touches. Glue your leaves around both the inside and outside of your circle to achieve a look you like.

Paint the wall hanging.

While a single initial looks wonderful in the circle, many other things can be used. An entire time could be cut out and used. Any animal or shape as long as it touches the edges in a few places so it can be glued in. Several words can fill the center, cut them out and attach them to each other with a small star, circle, or square.

Make the circle smaller, use the tubes as flower petals (made by pinching them into points the same as for the leaves gluing them together in a daisy shape and using a button or small cardboard circle as the center) and add a photo to the center. A magnet could also be added so the photo could be displayed on the refrigerator.

The wall hanging could also be made with nothing in the center.  A wreath of just leaves and flowers would be adorable.

Stay home and stay safe.  Happy Mother’s Day and happy crafting!

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