Take a look around, this time of year there is an explosion of beautiful colors everywhere … but we can always go for a little more. Today we’re going to make wind spinners for our porch and gardens. They are fun, fast, easy, and best of all cheap. (Not even going to say inexpensive because they’re basically free!)  


Plastic bottles (water bottles work best because they are so easy to cut)

Permanent Markers (you must use permanent markers or your hands can get very messy)


String, twine, elastic thread for hanging


Make sure your bottle is clean and dry. Using colors of your choice, add color to your bottle. You can fill in the entire bottle or just sections of it. Use stripes or circles. Or color the whole bottle with multiple colors flowing from one to another. When the ink dries it will have a somewhat stained glass appearance.

Remove the bottom of your bottle. Cut the rest of the bottle in an upward spiral until you reach the top opening. Remove the lid and bend the opening over onto its side, this will become the ring to hang it with.  Add your string through the hole and hang your newly made wind spinner outside.

I’m thinking of make a bunch of these in red and green to hang along my porch with my Christmas lights this year. They would also be a good way to show support for your favorite sports teams. And don’t forget to display your school spirit as students head back to class. (Plus, they may keep birds away from areas you don’t want them.)

Another recycled spinner you may want to try is made from a 2-liter pop bottle.


2-liter clear bottle

Craft knife

Decorative duct tape or permanent markers

Hanging string

Section of craft stick


Wash and dry your bottle.  Using the craft knife, cut one-inch slits along the bottle from about 2-inches from the top to 2-inches from the bottom.  On a hard surface, press the top down and crease the middle of each slit to keep the spinner open.  Give the top of each section a twist to the left, and the bottom a twist to the right, this will make it easier to catch the air movement.  

Decorate with duct tape or permanent markers.  You could also add “streamers” made from plastic bags to the bottom or even one of the spinners made from a water bottle.

Tie the string to the middle of the craft stick leaving a large loop.  Carefully reach inside the bottle and thread the hanging string through the opening of the bottle.  

These spinners make a slight whistling noise when they are caught in a good gust of wind.  

Stay healthy and happy crafting!

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