Crafts with Kim Aug. 29

Crafts with Kim Aug. 29

School supplies are in every store, advertisements and sales papers are featuring sweaters and flannel shirts, scarecrows and gourds are starting to show up on porches and doors, with even a high temperature of 90 it’s starting to look a lot like autumn around here.  

We just need a tiny bit more summer. Most of us tried to be good; we didn’t travel to the beach, so I think we need to bring a little beach to us. While we can’t craft the waves and the shells, we can make some beach glass. Unlike real beach glass that can take years to form, ours will be quick and easy.


Glass “stones” (sold in the craft and floral section)

Mod Podge (matte) or school glue

Gel food coloring




Clean the pieces of glass. Pour a small puddle of Mod Podge into a paper plate or small cup and using toothpicks add a tiny bit of food color to the glue. Beach glass or sea glass is most commonly blue or green because of the slight tint in clear glass, but feel free to use your favorite color. I used pink.

Paint on one coat with the brush strokes all going in the same direction. After it dries you may want to add additional coats to achieve the color and coverage you desire. If the color is right but it doesn’t appear “sanded” enough, add a layer of the Mod Podge/glue with no color.

This technique can be used in other ways. Using a wide foam brush cover a jar, spray paint the lid and add a drawer knob to the top. What a lovely way to hide makeup brushes or cotton swabs in your bath or bedroom. It could be used on the underside of clear glass plates to use as chargers for an end of summer dinner. (If used on dishes it should never be used where it will come in contact with food or your mouth. They should also be handwashed but depending on what you use it may still wash off…which would make it excellent to be able to change your colors at will.)

How about glass candle holders or the base of a cake pedestal? The technique can be used with clear plastic, too. It would be a great way to reuse and beautify a soap or hand sanitizer container with a pump lid. With so many clear objects around us in our day to day life the applications can go on and on.

Happy crafting!

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