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HUNTINGTON Quilts not only keep you warm on a cold, Appalachian night, they act as art.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen, and possibly used, chocolate bombs, but if you haven’t let me tell you about them. Chocolate bombs are bundles of chocolate, hot chocolate mix, and marshmallows used to make the perfect mug of hot chocolate. Drop one into a cup, add warm milk or water, and watch …

LEXINGTON Launching last fall, the Girls Can program set out to achieve a simple goal: to empower young girls to become physically active. This free outreach program, part of the Active Women’s Health Initiative at the University of Kentucky Sports Medicine Research Institute, encourages gir…

COVID-19 has brought so many profound, life-changing revelations that life will never be the same, at least, for me.

Dear Readers: The 2020-2025 U.S. Dietary Guidelines were unveiled last week by the US Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services. These recommendations are based on scientific evidence and advised by a team of nutrition experts, including Registered Dietitians,…

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This week I happened to look out my kitchen window and noticed a few unexpected snow flurries, I wasn’t thrilled. Don’t get me wrong, snow is beautiful, and our white Christmas was magical but since I’ve been old enough to not be excited by a snow day off from school, I haven’t particularly …

Welcome to 2021! I hope the new year has been good to you so far … yeah, I know, it’s a little too soon to tell. I think everyone, including me, is happy to see 2020 in our rearview mirror.

Dear Readers: As 2020 draws to a close, we are all looking forward to a better year. Many people will make New Year’s resolutions. Top resolutions include spending more time with friends and family, saving money and, of course, eating healthier and losing weight.

It seems as though the celebration of Kwanzaa, which is a celebration of Black culture, never caught on. No kidding! We just experienced the ultimate celebration that lasted for a month and included much drinking and eating; people are tired of it by Dec. 26 and need a break.

A very long time ago, while I was in college, I went to an area restaurant where the pizza was served on a cake stand, and by candlelight no less. As a “worldly” 19-year-old, I thought it was the height of class and sophistication, and to be honest I still think it adds something to the tabl…

Dear Dietitian, I have lost 30 pounds in the last nine months by cutting calories and exercising. I‘m worried that I will gain the weight back as I’ve done before. Does reverse dieting work?

It’s almost here! The decorating is finished, and we haven’t started cooking yet, so that leaves us with a little bit of time to do a few quick crafts. This craft is fast and very inexpensive to make, I know I say that nearly every time, but that’s my favorite type of craft — fast, frugal an…

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Today we’re going to craft with bits and pieces and even more of those cardboard tubes we all have accumulated during our time at home. While these crafts won’t keep your hands or head warm, they will give you a warm, cozy feeling when you add them to your decorations.

Dear Readers: An old vitamin is getting rave reviews lately. Most of you have heard of vitamin K, but did you know it is found in the diet in two forms? Vitamin K1, the most common form, was discovered by Danish scientist Henrik Dam in 1929 as he was studying cholesterol metabolism. It was k…

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A University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service club is keeping young people engaged with 4-H and returning some normalcy to their lives during these uncertain times by teaching them to bake.

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I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, I didn’t realize how many rolls of paper towels and toilet paper we go through until this pandemic and the resulting “shortage” of these products.  

Dear Readers: Many of us start our day with a hot cup of coffee. In my opinion, the best part of the day is over when the alarm clock goes off, so coffee is needed to come alive. Coffee is a good source of caffeine, which increases alertness, and antioxidants, which may help prevent several …

This has been a tough year, to say the least; we have all had our struggles. Thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Two drug companies are bringing COVID-19 vaccines to market soon. The “new normal” is on its way!

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I’ve never been one to win drawings or contests. (I did win a children’s mountain bike once, but come on, what was I going to do with that?)

No matter who we are and what we’ve been doing, we have to admit this has been one long strange year — how have we even fit in this many extra months between March and November?  

Dear Dietitian, I am on a diet, and I usually drink one or two diet sodas a day. A coworker insists that diet sodas cause weight gain instead of weight loss. Is this true?

There are people out there who have items in their refrigerators that expired two years ago.

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Hasn’t every child questioned how Santa visits houses without a chimney? And if you happened to be one of those children without a fireplace, admit it you worried a little every Christmas. I’ve found the answer to the problem, a Santa Key! A magical key that will allow Saint Nick to visit yo…

Dear Readers: Last week, we discussed diets to combat high cholesterol levels. Another avenue to improve your lipid panel is the use of supplements. Patients sometimes choose supplements because they are less expensive than medication, or they cannot tolerate a particular drug’s side effects.

MOREHEAD The Morehead Rotary Club celebrated Rotary Radio Day on Oct. 24, which was also World Polio Day.

Dear Dietitian, My cholesterol level has slowly been creeping up, and now it’s up to 275! My doctor says I have to get it down, but I don’t want to take medication yet. Do you think I could get my cholesterol down with diet and exercise?

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Just when you think your life is so boring you couldn’t possibly find something to write about, your dog pulls a new one.

It’s hard to think about snow when it is this warm in November, and I may be jumping the gun just a bit, but I have friends that are decorating for Christmas even as you read this. With 2020 being what it has been, I’m not going to begrudge anyone anything that adds to their happiness. Bring…

Your time is up … well, almost. We’ve been crafting for Halloween for the last five weeks and by now our decorations should be amazing, but we’ve still got a little bit of time to add a little something.  

Dear Dietitian, My boyfriend is a big believer in taking dietary supplements. He has type 2 diabetes, and he takes medication for this. He eats right most of the time and exercises three times a week. He recently started taking cinnamon to help improve his blood sugar levels. Does cinnamon r…

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As a certified scaredy cat from way back, I was never one to go to a haunted house or watch a scary movie. I wasn’t even able to watch “Dark Shadows” when it was on in the 1960s (except for that one time I saw the picture a woman was painting of a man turn into a werewolf; I had werewolf nig…

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