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I promised last week we would craft something for the bats. This week, we are building a very simple bat box.  They do so much to keep the insect population in check, they deserve a nice, safe place to live.  

Dear Dietitian: I was recently hospitalized overnight for irritable bowel syndrome. The abdominal pain was treated, then I was released the following day. I was not given any information on what diet I should follow. Can you help? — Julie

The Southern Hills Garden Club members let their creativity flow at their September meeting at the home of Judy Fannin, where they could choose from a variety of colorful flowers, as well as an assortment of vases, to make arrangements. Fannin introduced Oasis floral foam, a material  flower…

It was pointed out to me that I should not have said “summer is  The bat I have been watching all summer is gone (they migrate in August), I only have a very few butterflies left around my house and I know it won’t be long until the birds fly south, too.  

I’ve been seeing this craft everywhere, and I’m sure you have too.  This week I found myself with the materials available and decided to give it a try.  I kind of like the look of the finished project, I know I had fun doing it and I hope you enjoy it too if you give it a try.

Ashland native Pamela K. Orgeron’s book, “Why Didn’t They Hear Us?,” has been nominated for an international award.

Unofficially, Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer. Like most holidays, its original intent — the recognition of the value of work and its contribution to the overall good of society — is oft overlooked.

Dear Readers: Most of you have probably heard of antioxidants. They’re good for you, right? But what are they, exactly? “Antioxidant” is a chemistry term that simply means preventing oxidation, which is the transfer of tiny, electrically charged particles known as electrons.

HUNTINGTON A new exhibit titled “Community Trust Bank Presents: The Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for West Virginia” is on view at the Huntington Museum of Art through Nov. 28.

Dear Dietitian: I have acid reflux and gastroparesis, and both are under good control with medication. I drink water and sugar-free sports drinks, and I’m getting tired of them. Are there other drinks you would recommend? I do not have diabetes. — Sharon

One last craft idea for back to school. I’ve seen a lot of first day of school photos on social media and it seems like every student is holding a water bottle. It makes sense: There is a pandemic going on and no one wants to be drinking from a water fountain.  

Summer is winding down, but there’s plenty of time to get in at  least a couple more picnics. Don’t just grab a bag of fast-food burgers. Spend a little time and effort to make the food something special. Here are a few ideas.

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