ASHLAND Of 16 patients tested for COVID-19 at Lewis Family Care, seven were negative and nine are pending, and Dr. Matthew Lewis is sharing the results at the end of each day.

“In my mind, the more people we test the better idea we’ll have to see how bad the problem is in our area,” said Lewis. “Like the governor stated, COVID-19 is in every county. It’s here, we just have to catch it and find it. When we find positive cases we can quarantine and catch it and stop further transmission.”

Lewis and his staff are posting the results as quickly as they can. Lewis explained the process was lengthy and a little complicated. Lewis sends an unfinished form to the Boyd County Health Department after the test is sent out and waits for the results. Once the results are in, he has to send a finished form to Boyd County Health Department. It then travels to the state health department and then to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Once it is published by the state and made public and patients are notified, I can put on there what the numbers were,” said Lewis.

Lewis received the test through two undisclosed CDC approved laboratories. The first one claimed to have a five-day turnaround for results, but the time changed to six to seven days. The first test was sent out last Wednesday.

“My first patient who has been sitting at home with self-quarantine is still waiting to know if they have it or don’t have it,” said Lewis.

Lewis started using another laboratory and he received the results within 24 hours.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Lewis hadn’t had a positive case of COVID-19 at his facility yet.

“Heed the advice of what the governor is saying and stay home,” said Lewis. “The traffic outside Route 60 is like it is any other day. Don’t go out unless they are getting vital things and stay home and practice social distancing.”

Lewis finished residency in 2011 and he has never seen anything like this before.

“The more people testing the better off we are. We need more tests and find out exactly what extent this is in our area,” said Lewis.

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