To my advantage, my friends care about my mental and physical health.

My buddy Judy cares about my mental health so much she gave me a special Christmas gift: light bulbs.

These are no ordinary light bulbs, but daylight bulbs which approximate natural light. They are said to help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

She had told me about these bulbs months earlier and, even though I had good intentions, I never bought any.

I don’t know that I have SAD, but I tend to get a little down starting around Christmas and lasting until the weather warms, say May. It’s not unusual. Many have a difficult time in the winter, when it’s dark and cold.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to take a few simple measures around the house that might perk me up, but still I failed to buy the bulbs. That’s why Judy bought them for me.

She warned me a side effect of the daylight bulbs could be I will be able to see the dirt and dust in my house more clearly. She said that was her experience.

I uttered not a word, but thought, ‘Sister, I’ve been in your house and there is no dust or dirt. I’m sure it’s your imagination.’

But I said, “I know my house is dirty. I can see it now, so I’m not worried about what the light bulbs will reveal.”

I replaced a couple of regular bulbs with the new, ultra-bright ones. Yes, there is a difference. I like it very much. I can see everything better. Surely this will improve my mood, too. It will just take a little time.

My friends, however, aren’t going to like it. They already think my house is too bright.

Well, that’s too bad for them. It’s my house and I like it, so they can just wear their sunglasses when they visit.

Then, I plopped down on the couch and rested on my side, a position that “points” me toward a lamp that has the new bulb. That’s when I saw it: the angry face.

You see, while I knew I had dirt, I didn’t know the lampshade had three small tears in it. The daylight bulb revealed that. Unfortunately, those tears are in a pattern that looks like an angry smiley face. I can’t have that kind of negativity in my house.

I like the brighter light. It’s not forcing me to dust, but it will force me to buy a new lampshade.

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