Even with protection, such as masks and gloves, I have ventured out very little during the pandemic.

I could work from home and I could have everything I needed delivered, so why risk it?

It became a little too comfortable staying inside all the time. Except for the lack of Vitamin D. That’s not comfortable.

I mean, not having to change out of pajamas and into street clothes was a situation that was too comfortable. Not seeing any human beings and having to be polite — too comfortable. Not feeling obligated to clean house because nobody was coming over — too comfortable. Skipping showering for a day — too comfortable.

After a couple of delays because of the pandemic, I was forced to go out. And by go out, I mean see my dentist.

I had made a couple of trips to the post office’s drive-up mail box. You don’t have to have a shower for that.

But this dental appointment was necessary. I needed a temporary crown, so, with my family doctor’s approval, I went to the dentist.

I showered, put on clothes that didn’t clash — I even donned earrings — and I went.

Of course, before I went into the office, I put on a mask. I wore it in the waiting room and after the procedure, at which time I switched my glasses to my prescription sunglasses. It was a beautiful day, but because of all the hibernating I’d been doing, my eyes were especially sensitive to daylight.

Before backing out of my parking space, I took a look in the rearview mirror and what I saw startled me.

It was me wearing a mask and sunglasses. I looked like the Invisible Man. I wondered if I’d scared anyone while I was walking from the car to the dentist’s office and back. Not that I have any facial features that people are clamoring to look at, but you couldn’t see any of my facial features. That seems bizarre. If it startled me, shouldn’t it have startled others?

I tried driving in my regular glasses, but doing without my shades on a sunny day was too uncomfortable. I decided since I didn’t have any stops to make and it was unlikely I’d see anyone once I arrived in my neighborhood, I would take the mask off and wear the sunglasses. It all turned out peachy.

I also realized how good it feels to shower and wear clothes and get outside and see humans.

I guess even getting too comfortable can become uncomfortable at times.

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