Spending time outdoors is a great joy of summer. That’s why I swim outdoors when it’s hot.

One of the local pools has shown movies in the evening during the summer and that was fun, too.

Watching movies on a big screen outdoors isn’t a new idea. We’ve done it in Ashland.

Some movie lovers in Colorado, however, got a surprise when they decided to take it outside.

Video captured the sight: Dozens of mattresses drifting through the air and down the pike at Denver’s Stapleton Airport as participants prepared for The Bed Cinema at Runway 35 Park. Attendees were to sit on the mattresses during an outdoor movie.

One witness called it the “great air mattress migration of 2019.”

Oddly, the video reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from television show “The Simpsons” — when Homer fell asleep behind the wheel. It’s sweet, soothing and relaxing: images of a kindly moon smiling down on him as he nods off; a road sign announcing Homer is entering Slumberland; his car becoming a bed lifted  out of the river by angels when, inevitably, he runs off the road.

By no means does it — nor do I — endorse sleeping at the wheel. One has to suspend one’s disbelief, however, for the sake of art and I consider this one of those situations. Even though it’s animated television, it’s art. On that episode of “The Simpsons,” sleeping behind the wheel gave wings to the creativity of artists and writers in the same way the great air mattress migration of 2019 gave literal flight to a cozy place to rest one’s bones during an outdoor movie.

Although I laugh loudly, hard and often, it’s rare I hear or see something that makes direct contact with my funny bone, something that speaks to the absurdity that appeals to me. But years ago, Homer’s nap behind the wheel and now, flying air mattresses, hit me just the right way in just the right spot.

It’s silly and whimsical, and I love it.

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