Hangover time again. Not from alcoholic beverages, mind you, but from the holidays.

Holiday hangover.

It makes you tired. It also makes you tired of people, going places, doing things, shopping, having company, returning gifts, food, good cheer and other stuff that plays into however you spend your holidays.

Some of us aren’t necessarily happy during the holidays, so we have to put on a brave (or false) face and turn on the cheer, lest we be accused of being a Scrooge. That takes energy.

We all know how much energy it takes to get the shopping and cooking done, but it also takes some energy to just keep going at a fast pace and to participate in everything we’re supposed to participate in, whether it’s a quiet church service, a party or a famiy get-together. The season just insists we be in a lot of places and it’s tiring. Besides, there’s only one place this homebody truly enjoys being, and you can guess where that is.

As for food ...

I don’t see how anybody can’t be tired of turkey. Many go all year without eating a turkey dinner and then eat two within a month. Enough, already!

Most of the sweets associated with Christmas are terrible. Candy canes, ribbon candy, that hard stuff your granny kept in an open container on the coffee table where dust and dog hair gathered? (You know, the kind that melds into one great blob and, even if it were pristine, it still didn’t taste good.) And fruitcake. Fruitcake, for crying out loud.

I’m tired of food in general. That’s not a misprint; I wrote it. As much as I can enjoy food, by the end of the year, I’m as stuffed and bloated as a Thansgiving Day Parade float. It all starts around Halloween and, as determined as you might be to keep it from happening, you get too much food. Delicious tidbits fairly jump right into your mouth.

Maybe we should stop fighting it and just appreciate our bounty.

Some get post-holiday depression. Even when I enjoy them, I’m glad when they’re over. I don’t look forward to the iffy weather, the cold and the ice, but I welcome the lack of “stuff to do” and the chance to have quiet down time. Now that’s something to celebrate.

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