Ask anyone who knows me. I’m not a fan of children.

Even though I was one, I was never around them — not even when I was one — so now I can’t relate to them.

There are individual children I like because I’ve gotten to know them. There are some I don’t like because I’ve gotten to know them.

To put it accurately, I don’t like the general concept of children.

However, I recently learned about one I believe I like very much.

He’s the 5-year-old boy who stole his parents’ car in an attempt to drive to California with $3 in his pocket to buy a Lamborghini.

Point No. 1: That sentence alone makes me laugh, and I enjoy anything that makes me laugh.

Point No. 2: What a feisty little dude! I mean, I threatened a lot of things when I was 5, including stealing a car and running away from home. But I never did it. I never had the guts. This kid had the guts.

Point No. 3: He wanted a Lambo. So do I. The kid’s got good taste in sports cars. The best I’ve been able to do is a miniature in original packaging stuck on my bulletin board at work. Even at that, it was a gift.

Point No. 4: He only had $3. He thought he could purchase that magnificent beast with only $3. The going rate for a Lamborghini is $200,000. I admire his ability to dream big.

Realistically, I’m sure he would be a child I wouldn’t be crazy about. Can you imagine being his parents? It must be like being the parents of Dennis the Menace. While I can sit at a distance and say I admire that kid, I’m sure they’re embarrassed. From the size of this caper and the widespread publicity it drew, I bet it’s not the first time he has embarrassed his parents.

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