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ASHLAND The Kentucky State Police announced traffic safety checkpoints for the month of December.

Post 14 announced Wednesday there will be checkpoints at various areas of Boyd, Carter, Greenup and Lawrence counties, which is the footprint of the post’s service area.

The checkpoints will run from Dec. 1 until Dec. 31, according to Trooper Shane Goodall, the post’s spokesman.

The traffic checkpoints will be checking for drunk or high drivers, seat belt violations and child safety seat violations in areas that have seen a high rate of crashes. According to KSP, the areas are determined based on a ratio of high rates of crashes and low rates of seat belt uses.

Here are the locations:

Boyd County

• I-64 at U.S. 23 and KY 180 ramps

• Winchester Avenue and the Ashland Bridge

• KY 3 at the following locations: KY 773, KY 966, KY180, Dog Fork Laurel, Bolts Fork (KY 773)

• KY 16 at Summit Fire Department, KY 5, Little Gardner

• U.S. 60 at KY 5 and KY 966

• KY 5 at KY 503 and Sundowner Golf Course

• KY 757 at Burchette Branch and Whites Creek

• KY 168 at Twins Fork Road, Hoods Creek and Old Orchard

• KY 854 at Norton Branch

• KY 854 at KY 3 and KY 1945

• Bear Creek (KY 1937) at Ponderosa Drive and Brooks Road

• KY 538 at Cannonsburg Road

• KY 180 at U.S. 60

• Roberts Drive at Winslow Road and McCullough Drive

• Cannonsburg Road at U.S. 60

• West Wood Main Street at West Wood Fire Department, Skyline Drive and Hickory Hills Drive

• Skyline Drive at Boy Scout Road

• Hoods Creek Road at Sarah Drive

• New Buckley Road at Old Buckley Road

• Catletts Creek at Johnson Fork

• Campbell's Branch at Alley Branch

• Donta Road at Rose Road

• Silver Run at Callahan Ridge Road

• Armco Road at West Central Road in Westwood, Straight Creek and Cobb Fork

• Four Mile Road in the area of 506 address

Carter County

• I-64 at both the east and west bound ramps of the Industrial Parkway

• U.S. 60 at the following locations: Aden Road, KY 174, KY 182, Pleasant Valley (near the I-64 overpass at Carter Caves Road), KY 1947, KY 3297, KY 1626 (Globe), KY 986 (Olive Hill), Gregoryville Church, Wilson Creek, KY 1 near Grayson

• Grahan Road at Aden Road

• KY 7 at KY 986, Grayson Lake Dam, KY 1444 (Mayhew Flats) and KY 773

• KY 773 at KY 1444

• KY 1 at the following locations: Davey Run Road, KY 773 (Hitchens), I-64 off ramp at Pactolis

• KY 174 at Soldier, Limestone Church (KY 1620) and Lost Hills Road

• KY 2 near the I-64 overpass, KY 182 and KY 474 (Carter City)

• KY 182 at Aden Road and KY 986

• KY 955 at KY 504

• KY 2078 at Frogtown (KY 2531) and Garven Ridge Road

• KY 2531 at Clark Hill

• Grahn-Aden Road at Fultz/Four Mile Road

• KY 1661 at Fultz Road

• Fultz Road at Four Mile

• Rattle Snake Ridge (KY 3295) at KY 1654 and Norton Branch (KY 207) in the area of the community center.

• EK Mine Road and Lost Creek Road

• Stinson Road at Stinson Creek

Greenup County

• US 23 at U.S. Grant Bridge and KY 693

• KY 1 at Crane Creek, East Fork Branch Bridge, Greenbo Dam Road and KY 207

• KY 2 at the following locations: Leatherwood, Alcorn Creek Road, Three Prong, KY 7 and U.S. 23

• KY 7 at Big White Oak Road, KY 827, the AA Highway (KY 10) and Morton Hill in South Shore city limits

• KY 8 at Chet's Market, Batesville Road and Carl Perkins Bridge

• AA Highway at KY 3116

• KY 207 at the following locations: Tunnel Branch, Sandsuck Road, Cherokee Lake (Wildcat Lane) and KY 503 north

• KY 244 at the end of the Russell Bridge, the Russell Sewer Plant and Greenup Avenue

• KY 503 at Brush Creek, Culp Creek and Bates Hollow

• KY 693 near U.S. 23 (about one mile south of the intersection) and Red Devill Hill (KY 1172)

• KY 784 at Horse Hollow Road, AA Highway, Rattlesnake Hollow, Dry Fork Road and Shultz Lane

• KY 1458 at Thompson Road

• KY 2070 at Stockham Road

• KY 2433 at KY 1

• KY 3116 at Lock and Dam Road

• KY 693 at KY 1093

• KY 1459 at KY 2

• Alcorn Road at Whetstone Road

• James Hannah Drive at Holly Manor Apartments Parking Lot in South Shore

• Norco Drive hear South Shore City Building in South Shore

• South Shore Drive near the South Shore Fire Department

• Whetstone Road at Country Club Estates

• Industrial Parkway at Brush Creek, Horn Hollow, Turkey Lick, Sandsuck Road, Culp Creek Road and the entrance and exit ramp of KY 207

• Laurel Road at Cooper Road

Lawrence County

• US 23 at KY 32

• KY 32 at KY 469, KY 201, Rich Creek Boat Ramp, Little Blaine Creek Road and KY 3215

• KY 3 at the following locations: Yellow Creek, KY 644, Point Section, Wet Virginia State Line, KY 2566, Five Forks Hill, KY 1185 and Fallsburg

• KY 201 at Irish Creek Road and KY 1

• KY 1690 at KY 644 and Tadpole Road

• KY 2565 at Cynthia Chapel Road

• KY 707 at 1937

• KY 2038 a tenth of a mile from US 23

• KY 1760 at Charlie

• KY 469 at KY 1715

• Fuller Road at Fuller Ridge

• KY 828 at Junction of Elmer Diamond Ridge

• KY 1185 and Yatesville Marina Road

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