I’ve been seeing this craft everywhere, and I’m sure you have too.  This week I found myself with the materials available and decided to give it a try.  I kind of like the look of the finished project, I know I had fun doing it and I hope you enjoy it too if you give it a try.


Glass jar, bottle, or vase (but almost anything should work for this technique)



Baking POWDER (more about this later)

Decorations (I used flat marbles)

Glue to attach any decorations

Container to mix paint in


Wash and dry the jar you are using, dust or oil from your hands will keep the paint from adhering properly.

Attach any decorations you are using.  I glued flat marbles around the top to hide the ridges, twine or yarn wrapped around the opening would also be lovely.

Select your color (if mixing colors to get the shade you want, like I did, mix enough to cover the container with at least 2 coats remember the paint will thicken when you add the baking powder), pour it into the mixing container and add between 1 and 4 teaspoons of baking powder, adjust the amount by the volume of paint and how thick you want it.  You will notice that the baking powder will bubble in the paint, and it will thicken to become almost the texture of mousse.

Brush the paint mixture onto your jar starting from the bottom and working horizontally (from side to side) to give it a more authentic look of being a vase worked on a pottery wheel.

Wait for the paint to and add another coat if needed.  (Usually you will need 2-4 coats)

I decided to try other thickening agents.  I added sand to paint, it gave it a lot of texture and required less coats of paint to achieve the same effect. Sea salt achieved basically the same as the sand.  Even though everyone I spoke with and all the written directions I could find said not to use baking SODA I decided to try it too.  While not as much as the others, it did thicken the paint and texture the jar.  I really liked it; I wish I had used it in gray paint because it reminded me of cement.

Select a container, pick a color and thickener to achieve the look you desire, and just have fun.

Happy Crafting!

KIM ROMANS is an avid crafter living in Greenup County.

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