Toilet paper roll snake

We’ve all heard about the toilet paper hoarding situation and seen (if not with our own eyes, certainly the photos on social media) all the empty shelves where our favorite brands used to be. Even if you are not one of the people buying it up by the carts full, I’m sure with everyone at home all day, you’ve used a lot more toilet paper. Today we’re going to solve two problems at the same time: how to get rid of all the empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls and how to occupy the kids when they can’t go play with their friends.


Empty toilet paper rolls

Hole punch

Paper brads (fasteners)

Markers, paint, pom-poms, decorations



Decide the length of your snake and how many rolls you will need to achieve that length. Slightly flatten both ends of the rolls and round them off with your scissors (the deeper the cut along the side, the more movement your finished snake will have).  

Using your hole punch, punch a hole through both layers of the flatten tubes. Do this with both ends of all the sections, except the head it will only need holes on one end. The tail section is made from a single layer cut from a tube or scrap cardboard, cut to a point on one end and hole punched at the opposite end.

Fasten all the sections together with paper brads (if you don’t have brads, you can get creative and use pipe cleaners and beads or even knotted yarn in much the same fashion to hold it together)

Now it is time to decorate, get creative and let your imagination go wild! This is your snake so it doesn’t have to look like anything ever seen before.

Perhaps you are like my Aunt Barb and snakes are just not your thing, add some legs and cover it with pom-poms and now it is a caterpillar! Shorten the body and add legs and wings and suddenly we’ve made a butterfly or dragonfly. Make the body section out of a paper towel roll and the tail section out of shortened toilet paper tubes, add legs and a lot of sharp teeth in a mouth cut longer, and you created your own alligator — add wings and it’s now a dragon.

Stay safe, stay at home, and wash your hands! And happy crafting!

KIM ROMANS is an avid crafter living in Greenup County.

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