Wine glass centerpiece

Have you ever just wanted a centerpiece that was a little different, something besides the usual candles or flowers in a vase?  We are going to make this floating wineglass centerpiece for Valentine’s Day, but with a few simple changes it can be made for so many occasions.


Wineglass (I used plastic, but glass can be used)

Plastic spoon (glass will need to have a metal spoon or at least a thicker plastic spoon/serving spoon)

A base (I used a river rock to glue mine to but I would suggest a dessert plate or small bowl)

Decorations (ribbons, beads, paper hearts, candy...)

Glue (I used hot glue but if you are using glass, I would suggest E6000)


Start by shaping your spoon, this will be the support for your wineglass.  Bring a pan of water to a boil, dip your spoon into the hot water and quickly shape it when you remove it from the water.  It may have to be heated and shaped several times.  Both ends will need shaped to fit your desired overall design.  (if using a metal spoon, bend with pliers)

After you achieve your desired angle, glue the wineglass to the spoon handle, and the bowl of the spoon to your base.  You may have to hold it in place until the glue dries (if using E6000 and few bulldog clips can help hold things in place while waiting for the glue to dry)

Time to decorate your centerpiece.  Glue ribbons or beads inside the glass with streamers pouring out to cover at least part of the spoon, more ribbons can be added along the length of the spoon.  Make sure some of the ribbons pool around the bottom to cover your base.

Now that you know how easy this centerpiece is to make, you’ll want to make them all the time.  How about as the table number marker at a wedding?  Add flowers with ribbons of the bridal party colors (maybe small heart-shaped photos of the bride and groom) and the number on the side of the glass.  Birthday parties or baby showers?  Replace the wineglass with a small wrapped box or a gift bag (add lightweight cardboard to the side to retain the shape) and add candy, small toys and/or baby items spilling out.  Just about anything can be glued onto the spoon/serving spoon holding the floating item aloft!

Happy crafting!

KIM ROMANS is an avid crafter living in Greenup County.

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