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While Flag Day (June 14) isn’t an official Federal Holiday, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation in 1916 and in 1949 Congress followed suit and establishing it as a national holiday. We honor the official adoption of the United States flag.

Let’s celebrate this day in red, white, and blue style!


Craft foam, cardstock, or scrapbook paper in red, white, and blue (or paint and/or markers to color white cardstock)


Pen or pencil


Wreath form or large piece of cardboard



If you are using cardboard instead of a wreath form, the first step is to draw a circle the size you want your wreath to be, draw another smaller circle centered inside the first, and cut your wreath form out of the cardboard.

Trace your hand and/or your family’s hands on to the cardstock using all three colors.  Cut out the hands.  Arrange the hands in a pleasing manner on the wreath form and glue in place.

If desired cut stars from the white paper and add them to the blue hands.

This craft would also be perfect to show your patriotic style for Independence Day next month.

This would be an excellent project to get multiple people involved with.  Your entire family could have hands displayed, but you could also call you extended family and have them participate, too.  Send them your selected papers/foam and have them send back their traced hands.  It would be a wonderful addition to a family reunion, perhaps instead of using red, white, and blue select a color and have each branch of the family tree use a different shade of that color.

Or mail selected colors to your Sunday school class, youth group, club, or team and proudly display your wreath the next time you get together.

Or use it to show your support of diversity. Wouldn’t a wreath of hands cut out in many shades of skin tones or in a rainbow of colors just make a lovely statement on a front door?

Stay healthy, be kind, and Happy Crafting!

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