Contrary to all the movies being shown right now on a certain channel and all the sales on holiday merchandise on the shop-from-home channels, it’s not really Christmas. And Christmas in July has always confused me; shouldn’t it be Christmas in June?  Spread out the festivities exactly six months apart? But with things the way they are, I’ll take any jolliness I can find at any time.

I was given one of these snowmen many years ago — 14 years ago the manager at Hobby Lobby gave us all one for Christmas. It has been used every year and for several different jobs. It has held Christmas ornaments and Christmas cards, and one year it even covered the ugly can holding a small artificial tree.  

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas in July, there is at least one very good reason to make your snowman now. The snowman is made from a large pulp planting pot, and those are a lot easier to find this time of year.


Large paper pulp planting pot (they are the ones made from cardboard like the trays you carry out fast-food drinks in, not to be confused with a peat pot)


Mod Podge



Cover the entire pot with Mod Podge and allow it to dry.

Paint the pot white.

Add the facial features you desire. Button eyes would be adorable, just circles with two or four white dots painted on to be the holes. Eyes that are more lifelike would be good too, like Frosty or Olaf. Mine has more of a teardrop shape.  Any shape works, just remember to add a little dot of white to give it a bit of life. Mouths are another area where you can personalize your snowman, black dots to be coal, a big red smile, or a black crooked smile like the one on mine.  

My snowman has the classic carrot nose, but again, the choice is yours. A button nose would be very cute. And rosy cheeks, while not what you would expect from a snowman, are a nice added touch.

When you are finished with the face and the paint is dry, brush another coat of Mod Podge over everything to seal and protect it. Mine does not have this added layer of protection, and while it has lasted a very long time, it has started to show some signs of wear and discoloration.

You don’t have to stop at snowmen or snowwomen. This same idea can be used for other occasions and holidays.  Change the carrot nose to a little pink one, add some whiskers and long ears and you have an Easter Bunny. Change the white to tan, add some stitch lines and we have a scarecrow.  Change the face a little, add a horn and a feather boa for a mane and you’ve got yourself a unicorn. Just use a little imagination and this humble seed starting planter can rise to great things.

Stay healthy and Happy Crafting!


KIM ROMANS is an avid crafter living in Greenup County.

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