Road Closure

A Kentucky Power lineman works in the area of along Boyd Scout Road between Terrace Boulevard and Azlea Drive in 2019.

ASHLAND Kentucky Power has told the state public service commission it intends on asking for a rate increase by late June.

In a filing Tuesday asking for the commission to allow the company to publish abbreviated notices in area newspapers, the company indicated it will be asking for a rate increase effective for Jan. 1, 2024.

No numbers were included in the filing.

According to the commission records, Kentucky Power will have its application filed with the commission no later than June 29.

After the application is filed, the commission will need to give its blessing before any hike can take effect.

In 2021, the commission granted Kentucky a rate increase, raising the charge for residential customers from $ 14 a customer charge per month rate to $17.50. While that represented a 25% raise, the commission stated it would result in a 15% raise for the average customer.

The overall rate hike for all the territory in the last rate case would’ve added up to about $70.69 million in extra revenue for Kentucky Power, as requested. The commission tamped that number down to $52 million across the board.

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