KDMC Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Dr. Andy Gilliland, left, and Felix Cheung, chief of orthopedics at KDMC, celebrate the newly upgraded King's Daughters Orthopedics and Sports Medicine offices during an event Thursday night at KDMC. Photo by Glenn Puit.

King's Daughters Medical Center is seeing a lot of growth in its orthopedics and sports medicine practice.

As a result, the hospital celebrated its new King's Daughters Orthopedics and Sports Medicine offices during a special Business AfterHours event this past Thursday in partnership with the Ashland Alliance. Kristie Whitlatch, chief executive officer at KDMC, said the combined offices are going to make services more efficient and improve the patient experience.

"We wanted to feature our orthopedic surgery suites," Whitlatch said. "We have historically had our physicians in multiple locations throughout the medical center. And now, we are able to put them all together in one area so patient flow is uninterrupted. We have X-ray, we have all varieties of orthopedic specialists, and it is real exciting for our patients because of the convenience."

Felix Cheung, chief of orthopedics at KDMC, said the changes are to accommodate growth.

"We've really grown as a department over the last five years, and we've kind of outgrown our space," said Cheung. "So, thanks to a lot of support from the administration here at King's Daughters we've been able to renovate this (office space) into a state of the art, modern office so we can accommodate more patients, see more patients through our X-ray suites and provide for them that state of the art care they deserve."

Dr. Andy Gilliland is a physician at the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine office.

"If you are an athlete above the age of 5 playing a sport, all the way to the weekend warrior in their 40s trying to run a 5K, all the way to an individual who might be burdened with osteoarthritis, we have the components and facets to provide care for all of them," he said.



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