GREENUP — There are so many things a person wishes they could do when someone they know in their community (and beyond) is involved in a life threatening accident. Unfortunately, most are limited in what they can offer beyond emergency needs, and then it is in the hands of health professionals such as nurses, doctors and surgeons. At that point, the assistance most can offer is emotional, spiritual and in some cases, financial.

Last week Dakota Miller of South Shore was in an accident that has left him in critical, though (at this point) stable, condition. Miller is receiving all of the physical care modern medicine has available, but the community joined together to offer every other means of support at their disposal. The Greenup County High School football team and the Wurtland Church of God had a candlelight prayer vigil at the Greenup football field on Wednesday to show their support and ask for the help of the great physician in healing the well-liked, friendly young man.

“In a situation like this there really aren’t any right words to say,” Coach Scott Grizzle said. “But Dakota is strong, and he’s fighting every day. And it is important to show his family that they are not alone, and that we are with them.” Grizzle went on to say that all of those at the vigil, and those who were not able to be there were behind Dakota every step of the way. “We are praying for a miracle, there is no doubt about it,” Grizzle said. “And miracles happen every day, so we want to continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers.”

Grizzle’s words, and the presence of so many of Miller’s classmates and people from throughout the community, seemed to prove the Musketeer motto of ‘All for One — One for All’ was more than just a school motto, but rather a way of life. Those who attended joined in prayer and in a moment of silence to support one of their own, and also collected donations to help with the family’s expenses during the challenging days ahead.  

The school and community has joined together to pray for a full recovery for Miller, with faith their prayers will be answered. Support for Miller has spread through the community and beyond, with many who have experienced hardships taking to social media to voice their support. Leslie Hicks, whose niece Baylee recovered from a devastating injury herself, posted on Facebook, “Our family believes in miracles ... praying hard for this young man and his family.”

“I want to thank everyone who has said a prayer for my son,” Miller’s father, Chris Miller, said. “I’m fortunate to live in such a caring community. It has been a blessing to the family during this difficult time.”