ASHLAND While authorities in Greenup and Boyd haven’t reported heavy flooding, the Department of Highways is asking people to use caution on the roadways.

Kentucky Department of Highways spokesman Allen Blair said Wednesday evening he hadn’t received any reports of flooded state roads in District 9, which includes Boyd and Greenup counties. Blair said state road crews are keeping an eye on the situation for the “usual spots,” especially along State Routes 7 and 1.

“If they get up, we’ll put out high water signs,” Blair said Wednesday. “We’re monitoring this situation closely.” 

Blair said the department is asking the public to exercise caution if they encounter flooded roads.

“Just a few inches of water can float a car,” Blair said. “You don’t know what’s in the water or if there’s a road even there. Plus, you don’t know how deep it is. We’ve seen it many times where the waters will recede and there’s big chunk of road missing.” 

If motorists come across a flooded road, Blair said they need to turn around.

In Greenup County, E-911 Director Buford Hurley reported a truck was flooded out in the Aqua Loop area of Route 2. No injuries were reported. In Boyd County, Sheriff Bobby Jack Woods said he had heard no reports of flooding, either.

Much of the tri-state area remains under a flood advisory through Thursday morning. Greenup and Boyd counties are under a flood warning through today. The forecast, according to, shows little to no rain on Friday or Saturday.

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