ASHLAND The Ashland-Boyd County Health Department regularly inspects public eating establishments a minimum of twice a year. Each inspection covers 44 items that have a maximum amount by which the establishment’s score can be reduced.

While several violations can occur under each item, the inspection sheet is debited only once for the point value of that particular violation.

The inspection sheet is designed in accordance with the Food and Drug Administration Code, from which the Kentucky Food Service Code is modeled.

An establishment receiving 85 to 100 points, with no critical violations, is in compliance. However, if critical violations are noted for restaurants that score between 85-100, a follow-up inspection is made anywhere from an hour to 10 days later to see that problems have been corrected.

Critical violations include: toxic items improperly stored, labeled or used; the presence of insects or rodents; sewage back-up; inadequate sanitation of cooking equipment and utensils; and spoiled food.

If a follow-up inspection is conducted more than 24 hours after the original inspection, only the critical violations are checked and no score is indicated. In those cases, follow-up inspections are noted as either passed or failed.

Establishments that score between 70-84 are reinspected within 30 days to see that they have corrected enough deficiencies to bring the score to 85 or above with no critical violations.

A notice of intent to suspend their permit is issued for food-service establishments that score between 60-69. Once that notice is issued, the management can request a conference before a conference officer, at which time, they report the status of the violations noted in the inspection report.

Or, management can voluntarily cease operations within 10 days.

Health inspectors automatically close an establishment in the following cases: if it scores below 60 on its inspection; if there is an immediate health hazard, such as sewage backing up in the establishment; if an establishment is operating without a permit; and if the owner or operator interferes with the health inspector’s job.

The health department does not have jurisdiction for inspecting any food-related services in federal buildings in its district. That is the responsibility of the General Services Administration and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The following is a list of establishments in Boyd County inspected during the period of Sept. 1-30:

•Giovanni’s Pizza, 6938 State Route 60, Ashland — regular 180/90; follow-up 180/93

•J&J Family Restaurant, 5260 13th Street, Ashland — regular 180/87; follow-up 180/90

•Catlettsburg Elementary School, 3380 Court Street, Catlettsburg — regular 180/97

•Oakview School F/S, 3111 Blackburn Ave., Ashland — regular 180/100

•Poage School Food Service, 3215 South 29th Street, Ashland — regular 180/95

•Boyd County Middle School, 1226 Summit Road, Ashland — regular 180/97

•McDonald’s Drive-In, 150 Russell Road, Ashland — regular 180/93

•Ashland Middle School FS, 2800 Kansas Street, Ashland — regular 180/98

•Ashland Community Kitchen, 2516 Carter Ave. Ashland — regular 180/94; follow-up  180/98

•Fazoli’s, 499 Winchester Ave. Ashland — regular 180/87

•Panera Bread, 500 Winchester Ave. Ashland — follow-up 180/99

•Diamond Links, 200 Fairway Drive, Catlettsburg — regular 180/93; follow-up 180/96

•Boyd Nursing and Rehab, 12100 Princeland Spur Ashland — follow-up 180/99

•Wendy’s (JACS Inc), 12523 US. Rt. 60 (Cannonsburg) Ashland — regular 180/92

•Moe’s Southwest Grill, 115 6th Street, Ashland — regular 180/96

•O’Charley’s, 461 River Hill Drive, Ashland — follow-up 180/93

•Fairview Elementary School, 258 McKnight Street, Ashland — regular 180/98

•Tudor’s Biscuit World, 2778 Winchester Ave., Ashland — follow-up 180

•Ramada Limited Hotel F/S, 6000 Cider Drive, Catlettsburg — follow-up 180/98; regular 180/96

•Boyd County Learning Center, 12307 Midland Trail Rd. — follow-up 180/97

•Smokin’ J’s Rib & Brewhouse, 1320 Wolohan Drive, Ashland — regular 360/99

•Tutus and Tea, 335 15th Street, Ashland — regular 180/98

•Wild Horses Grill & Cantina, 739 Carter Ave., Ashland — regular 180/91

•Red’s Place, 8136 U.S. Rt. 60, Ashland — follow-up 180/97

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