LLOYD Four people, all Kentucky educators, are on the short list for superintendent of the Greenup County School District, which released the list this week.

Two are district administrators, one is a principal in the Carter County district and the fourth is an administrator in Spencer County.

The four finalists include:

— Jason McGlone, principal at Prichard Elementary School in Carter County.

— Traysea Moresea, instruction, assessment and curriculum director in Greenup County. Moresea also is the interim superintendent since the retirement of former superintendent Sherry Horsley.

— Jason Smith, principal of Greenup County High School.

— Mark Thomas, director of operations in the Spencer County School District.

McGlone, who has been principal at Prichard 14 years, said experience running a large and academically successful elementary demonstrates the leadership and communications ability needed in a superintendent. “Honesty, integrity and a high priority in instructional leadership are the most important things I can bring to the table,” McGlone said.

If hired he would meet with the board of education to establish common goals and work to collaborate as a team with district stakeholders, he said.

Moresea, who continues her administrative duties while acting as interim superintendent, said the district has “made a lot of progress in five years in academics and the diverse needs of students.”

Moresea has been in the district 6 years and her children attend district schools, she said.

She initially did not intend to apply for the permanent position. “There is no one who is a bigger critic of myself than me, and my first thought was no. But the more I got into the work, the more I thought I really do like it,” she said.

Moresea believes more community involvement would improve the district and would seek to develop more project-based learning in collaboration with community business and civic partners.

Smith, who just completed his seventh year as GCHS principal and has been in the district 16 years, said his biggest strength is his familiarity with the district. He also is a 1992 GCHS graduate and taught social studies in the district. He was assistant principal before taking his current position.

“The last eight years the district has made tremendous improvement . . . we need to assess some things and take a step back in certain areas, assess and make improvements. I’m a big believer in continuous improvement. You never arrive at ultimate success. You look for areas to get better.

Thomas’s 23-year career in education has been entirely in Kentucky, he said. He taught mathematics, science and reading for four years and the 19 years since then he has been in administration, including assistant principal and assistant superintendent positions.

In Spencer County some of his responsibilities are transportation, food service, procurement and safety. Early in his career he was an instructional assistant before earning his teaching certification. “I have a myriad different experiences in education and I haven’t forgotten what it is like to be in those various roles . . . there is nothing I have not had direct experience in or been a supervisor over,” he said.

“The appeal for me about Greenup County is the district itself. It has the puzzle pieces in the right place . . . I would not come in looking to make changes but to take what good things the district is doing and do them better,” he said.

The four candidates were chosen from a slate of applicants by a screening committee that included two teachers, a support staffer, a principal, a board member and a parent. The board is not bound by the recommendations and can ask the committee to suggest other candidates or choose one on its own.

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