ASHLAND Prom-N-Aide excitement continued on Tuesday as special needs students from Greenup County High School made a trip to The Dressing Room in search of attire for their big day.

The group of 11, accompanied by their peer tutors, had the whole space to themselves as they eagerly browsed racks of free dresses and suits and tried on their top picks.

“Here they get to be the princess and the king for the day … I think it’s absolutely fabulous,” said Shauna Cooper, special needs teacher.

Cooper said the students’ peer tutors act as mentors that help their counterpart academically, emotionally and physically if needed. Faculty members assist in handpicking the tutors to take on the task.

Cooper called Tuesday’s event a blessing, noting teachers do not always know the financial backgrounds of their students. Teacher Chelsea Delong echoed Cooper, pointing out that The Dressing Room truly makes Prom-N-Aide all about the students.

“It’s an amazing thing and I think if every community could have something like this that the world would be just a little bit of a better place,” she said.

Dressing Room Manager Tammy McIntyre said the students’ visit was a success.

“It was awesome, we fitted everyone that came in,” she said.

McIntyre said Tuesday wrapped up this year’s Prom-N-Aide, noting The Dressing Room will soon return to its normal setup, offering free clothing to those in need.

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