Cell phone signal

Cell phone signal strength around the area of Greenup County High School is weak. KEVIN GOLDY | THE DAILY INDEPENDENT

Greenup County is looking to fix spotty phone service in the rural county once and for all.

County Commissioner Tony Quillen said phone "dead spots," particularly in the areas surrounding Greenup County High School, are cause for concern.

"It is sporadic, very sporadic," Quillen said.

County leaders said they've been near the high school and had to walk long distances to get a cell phone call to connect. One official said "You could be at a baseball game and you have to walk to a certain spot for cell phone service."

"You can't talk to anybody down there -- you get in front of the high school and you can't talk to anyone," Fiscal Court Judge Executive Bobby Carpenter said.

Greenup County School District Superintendent Sherry Horsley said school staff is certainly able to contact local officials if needed without any problems. Regarding spotty cell phone service, school employees are able to perform an adjustment to a setting on their phones to also improve cell phone connections.

Buford Hurley, E-911 director for Greenup County, said the cause for the spotty service is that Greenup County is one of two counties in Eastern Kentucky that are actually not on area wireless carriers' Kentucky footprint. Instead Hurley said much of the service comes out of West Virginia. One service provider said testing to improve the existing system would cost more than $350,000.

"We are in the West Virginia footprint and we are going to ask if they would put us in the Kentucky footprint," Hurley said, adding the county plans to communicate "why this is so important."

This past week the Greenup County Fiscal Court approved a motion to write cell phone carriers, urging they put the county on Kentucky's cell service system.



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