GREENUP The Republican party was heavily favored by Greenup voters in Tuesday’s election. Right from the start, when the absentee ballot results were posted, the trend was obvious.

The Republican party dominated every race. Some — 3,711 — chose the straight party ticket while 2,429 Democrats voted straight party as did 52 Libertarians.

The turnout mirrored the state prediction of about 31 percent of voters casting ballots.

The results looked like this:

•Governor: Matt Bevin (R) 5,905; Andy Beshear (D) 5,102; John Hicks (Lib.) 259

•Secretary of State: Michael Adams (R) 6,213; Heather French Henry (D) 4,939

•Attorney General: Daniel Cameron (R) 6,544; Gregory Stumbo (D) 4,593

•Auditor of Public Accounts: Mike Harmon (R) 6,384; Sheri Donahue (D) 4,272; Kyle Hugenberg (Lib.) 322

•State Treasurer: Allison Ball (R) 6,750; Michael Bowman (D) 4,258

•Commissioner of Agriculture: Ryan Quarles (R) 6,351; Robert Conway (D) 4,266; Josh Gilpin (Lib.) 346

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