GRAYSON Grayson City Council had a called meeting on Tuesday to facilitate changes to accounts and to approve a method of funding for Grayson Tourism.

The first issue addressed was an update of individuals authorized to sign on city accounts at local banks. All checks written by the city require two signatures, and the update reflected a change to city clerk and to ensure that two authorized individuals would always be available to provide signatures to checks written on city accounts. Accounts affected were the Occupational Tax Accounts through City National Bank and the Road Aid/Minerals Account at First National Bank.

The City of Grayson passed an ordinance (9-2021) concerning the funding of a project for Grayson Tourism, having the second reading before voting to adopt the ordinance. The ordinance approves a lease through the Commercial Bank of Grayson for the financing of a public project through Grayson Tourism in the amount of $180,000. This will be insured by a “sinking fund.” The ordinance was intended to establish the borrowing capacity of Grayson Tourism, and the lease is expected to be paid through funds from Grayson Tourism, with the city itself serving as a guarantor or co-signer for the tourism department.

The city also approved a bid on a ditch project for the Grayson Sports Park. The bid of $25,643 was submitted by TLP Construction of Grayson. The TLP bid was recommended to the city by the Sports Park Commission, and was the lowest bid submitted that covered all necessary construction for the project.

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