ASHLAND Citizens found their way to the Ashland Train Depot on a cold, snowy morning to sample warm, homemade gravy.

The third annual Gravy Bowl, hosted by Ashland In Motion, brought in hundreds of people on Saturday. Guests purchased tickets to sample the gravy made by each team. The three categories were country (meatless), sawmill (meat) and freestyle.

“This is one of those events that brings all different kinds of people,” said city commissioner Amanda Clark. “It’s not young. It’s not old. Everyone comes out. I like seeing the people who come out to this event.”

The Gravy Bowl also featured a brunch bar and live sets performed by duo Baylee Morgan & David Austin and Sheldon Road.

“One of the reasons we started this was a cultural thing,” Clark said. “Who doesn’t love biscuits and gravy here? You can see that by the kinds of people that come in. That is the most fun part of this.”

Clark, who served as a volunteer, has attended every Gravy Bowl.

Different teams such as local restaurants, organizations or at-home chefs prepared the gravy.

Professional cooks competed in the “Seasoned Pro” division while amateur cooks competed in the “Home-Cookin’ All-Star” division.

Melissa Rigsby, Cindy Shelton and Norma Ingle attended the Gravy Bowl for the first time.

“I think it’s just coming and trying something you wouldn’t have at home,” said Rigsby. “All of our mothers make gravy the same way and that is what we are used to. Getting out and trying something new that is somebody else’s tradition is great.”

“The variety was amazing. You’re usually used to a certain gravy; it’s nice to get to try other gravy,” said Ingle.

All proceeds raised during The Gravy Bowl will go toward future events hosted by Ashland In Motion.

Vickie McKinney came out to the Gravy Bowl with her husband.

“I hear (such) good things about the gravy,” said Vickie McKinney. I’ve wanted to come here for a couple of years.”

McKinney said she loved everything she tried at the Gravy Bowl and had a fun time.


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