The Plummer family is pictured. From left to right: Izzy, Amanda, Ellie Paige and Brennan Plummer.

Amanda and Brennan Plummer always wanted to be parents. However, complications with Crohn’s Disease and subsequent surgeries left Amanda Plummer unable to have children of her own. This did not stop the determined young woman and her equally determined husband, and the two decided to pursue the route of adoption to reach their goal of parenthood.

Adoption, however, is a lengthy and expensive proposition. Still, the two pursued it through private channels, fundraising for much of the expense with the help of an extremely supportive community. They set up a Facebook page, “Baby P makes Three,” and shared everything about their journey to parenthood.  

“So many people love us, prayed for us and helped us financially in our adoption. The support that we were shown is unreal,” Amanda Plummer said.

The Plummers’ saga of searching for a child to adopt went on for nearly a year until a friend helped them find a birth mother who was looking for parents for her as an unborn child. They met with her and all parties concerned agreed the Plummers were going to become the parents of the child. And when Ellie Paige was born, she became Ellie Paige Plummer. The new parents who had endured so much to become mother and father were beyond ecstatic.

Just more than a year (13 months) later, the Plummers were interested in adopting again so that Ellie would have a sibling.

“We prayed about it and started fundraising again,” Amanda Plummer said. “We knew we wanted our next child to be black or a biracial child so Ellie could grow up relating to her sibling.”

Yet, unlike their initial experience of searching, the Plummers said Ellie’s future sibling came to them; and again they were ecstatic.

“I got a message from a young mom in Wisconsin who reached out to me about adopting her almost 2-year-old daughter,” Plummer said. “I can tell you in the first moments of these messages I didn’t believe it. She found us by searching toddler adoption on Facebook. We were one of the few who came up. And because we were a white couple with a black child, we stood out to her.”

Plummer said they continued to correspond, but mere days into the growing relationship, she knew this was “the real deal.  

“I knew this mom was young and loved her daughter. I knew that she had little to no support and was doing life on her own,” Plummer said. “I know that she wanted more for her daughter than she could give. I know that God was involved because without Him it didn’t make sense.”

The Plummers and Izzy’s mother moved forward, filling out all the necessary documents and satisfying all of the government requirements for the adoption. And now, two very happy young ladies are sisters, and the Plummers are parents twice over. And again Amanda Plummer credits her faith and the support of her community.

“Do miracles happen?” Plummer said, and answered her own question with a resounding yes. “Two of them call me Mama. God knows what He’s doing, friends. When He shows up, He shows up big.”

There are many different avenues to pursue when seeking to adopt, the Plummers said. One can go through an agency, through the Foster Care system, or self-matching as the Plummers did.

Of the different avenues, self-matching is what they recommend, even though it is more expensive and requires the perspective parents to do much of the background work themselves.

“I wouldn’t have the relationship with the girls’ birth parents if I had gone another route,” Amanda Plummer said.

Brennan Plummer said that he agrees completely.

“We have built a good relationship with the biological mothers,” he said. “We stopped and had breakfast with Ellie’s biological mother on the way to Wisconsin to pick up Izzy. She is thankful for our role in her life, and we are thankful for her.”

The Plummer family is enjoying a completeness they only dreamed of before. And the challenges of having two small children in the home are not challenges to them at all. They are, Amanda and Brennan both agree, blessings. And though they are not actively seeking to adopt another child at the moment, they have left their hearts open to future blessings down the road.

Amanda and Brennan Plummer can be contacted on Facebook if anyone is seeking information about their story and the process of adoption.

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