ASHLAND A local woman has been named Ms. Kentucky United States.

Faith Fountain will represent the commonwealth at the Ms. United States Pageant Oct. 4-8 in Las Vegas. While not affiliated with the Miss America pageant, the Ms. United States Pageant requires many of the same qualities, but with a greater emphasis on public speaking and presentation.

The Ms. Kentucky United States pageant was unusual this year, as COVID-19 required the competition to be online.

Fountain said she had paperwork to complete for the pageant and she was judged to be "the best fit for Ms. Kentucky United States."

Fountain said it was disappointing not to have an in-person pageant, but was glad the pageant organizers were taking measures to protect everyone from the COVID-19 virus.

Preparing for the Las Vegas pageant will be much different from the online pageant, Fountain said, and will include learning to walk a certain way, getting dresses, finding a hair stylist and a makeup artist and being prepared to answer interview questions and discuss her platform, which is volunteerism.

"I'm part of a lot of different groups and I encourage people to volunteer in their community," she said, noting that includes creating their own event. "I want to help people to come up with their own ideas, but also to make those ideas come to life and create opportunities to help other people volunteer. I do this with or without a title. This is just who I am."

In 2019, Fountain competed in Ms. Kentucky United States and was named Miss Congeniality. The city of Ashland proclaimed Feb. 26, 2019 Faith Fountain Day in honor of that win. This year was her second pageant.

Fountain said above all, she doesn't want to "lose herself."

"Pageants are a lot of work and fun but, what I learn by doing pageants is that it's not the crown or title that makes you. You make the crown and title," she said. "Preparation for this pageant has taught me how to be my authentic, loving, goofy self. I won't forget her."


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